​Robata Yaki – Japanese Charcoal Grilling

About Chirori

– Robata & Sake Pairing 

Chirori is an upscale restaurant
that beautifully blends the art of

Sake Pairing by Sake Sommeliers 

along with Robata Yaki which consists mainly of seafood along with other delectable foods.

Our menu consists of specially selected ingredients for each of our dishes and are paired with sake that has been hand chosen by Sake Sommeliers. We list these sake options side by side so that the best pairing is easily seen and chosen.

Wagaya  Groceries

Due to the impact of Covid-19 in mid March of 2020 one of our restaurants, Chirori, was temporarily closed. In the meantime, we opened a Japanese grocery store utilizing that space. With great feedback from our customers, we decided to permanently move Wagaya Groceries to our downstairs suite in July, 2020.

From dry instant foods, cooking items, snacks, candies, frozen convenience foods, Asian fruits and vegetables, Asian bakeries to ready-to-eat hot items Wagaya Groceries carries a very extensive selection mainly focusing on Japanese products and other Eastern Asian products.

Website:  www.WagayaGroceries.com

Hours:  Tuesday – Sunday  12 PM – 9:30 PM

Phone Number:  (470) 869-6462

Hours of Operation 

*We’ll be open from September 23rd

Monday & Tuesday


Wednesday – Sunday

6 PM – 10:00 PM

*Walk-ins welcome



Reservations can only be made via email:  info@chiroriatlanta.com 
Please make a reservation for the counter service. 


Credit Cards

 American Express, Discover, Master Card, VISA  


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