About Chirori


Chirori is an upscale restaurant that beautifully blends the art of pairing sake along with Robata Yaki which consists mainly of seafood along with other delectable foods.


In the current restaurant market the concept of pairing beverages with the cuisine is not common nor is it taken into consideration at many dining establishments. Guests typically select their beverage and food independently of each other. At Chirori we want our guests to experience the delightfulness of a mutually flavorful experience in both beverage and food.


Our menu consists of specially selected ingredients for each of our dishes and are paired with sake that has been hand chosen by Sake Sommeliers. We list these sake options side by side so that the best pairing is easily seen and chosen.


We offer different sake pours that come in 1.5 oz, 5 oz and 10 oz for our guests that would like to sample many sakes or for our guests that find the one they love but there are other size options as well.


Sake is incredibly versatile and can be enjoyed at many temperatures along with all types of cuisines and is not limited to only Japanese food. It has great pairing with foods such as prosciutto, cheeses and tomatoes.


We want our guests to discover the love they have for sake and take joy in their dining experience from beginning to end with us at Chirori.

Sake Brewing Process

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